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Cigna is a company that provides policyholders with extensive health insurance coverage. Using Cigna insurance can make it easier to access high-quality addiction treatment at centers like Omnia Recovery in Thousand Oaks.

At our Cigna drug and alcohol rehab center, we provide personalized, evidence-based care to help with lasting recovery. Leveraging your Cigna insurance benefits can significantly reduce the financial burden of treatment and allow you to focus entirely on your health and well-being. If you’d like to learn more about using your Cigna benefits at our behavioral health clinic, reach out anytime.

coverage options

Does Cigna Cover the Cost of Addiction Treatment?

Cigna will cover some or all of the costs of addiction treatment. Coverage is often comprehensive for individuals struggling with substance use disorders so they can access treatment needed at different stages of their recovery.

Some of the levels of care that might be included in Cigna addiction treatment coverage include:

Inpatient or residential treatment involves 24-hour intensive, supportive, structured care. During your initial treatment phase, you live at the facility. Cigna may cover inpatient rehab when it’s medically necessary, and specifically, this could include detoxification, stabilization and comprehensive therapeutic interventions.

The benefits of using your insurance for an inpatient program at Omnia Recovery include an environment free from external triggers and distractions, a focused recovery approach, and around-the-clock medical and psychological support.

A partial hospitalization program represents a step down in intensity from inpatient treatment, although you still receive extensive support and care during the day. 

Cigna may cover PHP as part of its addiction treatment services. It can provide flexibility and the ability to apply coping strategies outside treatment hours in real-life settings.

At Omnia Recovery, a leading Cigna drug and alcohol rehab center, we offer an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Our IOP is a lower level of care than a PHP, and you can expect treatment sessions that you’ll participate in several times a week for a few hours a day.

The benefits of an IOP include treatment being balanced with other responsibilities, a focus on relapse prevention and skill-building, and a structured environment that still allows for greater levels of independence.

A regular outpatient program at our Cigna rehab center involves fewer treatment hours per week compared to an IOP. It’s a good fit for someone who’s in the early stages of addiction recovery and transitioning from a higher level of care.

From there, continuing care services may also be part of your Cigna addiction treatment services. This is also known as aftercare, and it’s ongoing support that you participate in after a primary treatment program. Continuing care services include regular therapy, support group participation and check-ins with healthcare providers.

The benefits of continuing care include sustained guidance and support to navigate life post-treatment, the reinforcement of learned coping strategies, and a safety net to address challenges in recovery or emerging challenges.

Cigna supports a full spectrum of treatment options. If you’d like to explore the best program for your needs, contact our addiction treatment center any time.

our therapies

Evidence-Based Treatment Approaches

Cigna will provide coverage for evidence-based therapies, practices and interventions. In the context of addiction treatment, these are options that have been scientifically tested and proven effective through research and clinical studies. These are treatments grounded in empirical evidence, ensuring the best possible outcomes when you’re struggling with a substance use disorder.

Evidence-based addiction treatment aims to use methods supported by data and with demonstrated success in treating addiction and promoting long-term recovery.

Examples of evidence-based treatment approaches that we use at our Cigna drug and alcohol rehab center include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a way to help you identify and change the patterns and behaviors associated with substance use, helping to reduce use and prevent relapse.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy is useful for managing emotions and reducing self-destructive behaviors. The approach combines techniques from CBT with mindfulness practices.
  • Motivational interviewing, or MI, is an approach to counseling that can improve engagement with treatment and outcomes. It relies on finding the internal motivation to make positive behavioral changes.
  • Medication-assisted treatment uses medicines like buprenorphine in conjunction with behavioral therapies and counseling. It’s been proven effective in reducing opioid use and overdose deaths and supporting long-term recovery.
  • Contingency management provides rewards to reinforce healthy, positive behaviors like treatment adherence and abstinence.

Compared to non-evidence-based approaches, evidence-based approaches have been proven more effective at helping individuals achieve and maintain long-term recovery.

At Omnia Recovery, we understand and utilize evidence-based treatments to help you achieve recovery and overall well-being.

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dual diagnosis treatment

Does Cigna Cover Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Cigna covers mental health and dual diagnosis treatment in addition to addiction treatment. Coverage is often similar to addiction treatment benefits. Dual diagnosis treatment is an integrated, specialized approach that addresses addiction and co-occurring mental conditions at the same time. This treatment is meant to provide comprehensive care for the whole person instead of just focusing on one part of their health.

Treating both conditions at the same time is needed for recovery because these disorders frequently interact with and worsen each other.

As an insurer, Cigna understands the importance of addressing both addiction and mental health issues in a dual-diagnosis program.

Omnia Recovery offers specialized dual diagnosis treatment in a variety of settings.

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Omnia Recovery in Thousand Oaks provides tailored treatment options that work for you. Our modern program & facility offer you refuge from the chaos of addiction and a network of constant support. Choose Omnia Recovery if you are ready to change your life for good.

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Our modern, newly renovated treatment facility is more than just a rehab. We offer a safe space where you can recover + have fun!

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Here at Omnia Recovery, we offer an innovative approach to treatment by combining traditional, evidence-based and holistic therapies.

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From art + music therapy to group outings and volunteering, Omnia Recovery wants you to learn that there is fun to be had in recovery.

using Cigna insurance

Using Cigna Insurance at Omnia Recovery

When we say we are a Cigna drug and alcohol rehab center, it means we are in-network with the company. We have an agreement to provide addiction treatment services to Cigna members.

Our partnership helps ensure patients receive high-quality care at lower out-of-pocket costs than providers who aren’t in-network with the insurer. Being in-network simplifies the insurance process and maximizes the benefits available to policyholders.

The benefits of using an in-network include lower copayments, deductibles and coinsurance amounts when receiving care from in-network providers. In-network providers like our center meet Cigna’s quality standards, ensuring you receive effective, reputable treatment.

To use Cigna coverage at Omnia Recovery, the following are some things to know:

  • You’ll need to verify your insurance coverage benefits for addiction treatment and make sure we’re in-network. You can contact Cigna directly to find plan details and coverage for addiction treatment services, or we can work with the insurer directly on your behalf.
  • You can provide your Cigna insurance information to us so we can verify coverage and explain benefits, including informing you about any out-of-pocket costs you might incur.
  • From there, we can provide a consultation to develop a personalized treatment plan, determining the right care level for you.
  • We can obtain pre-authorizations if needed to get approval for particular treatments.
  • Once you obtain any required pre-authorization, you can begin treatment at Omnia Recovery and participate in the various therapy services offered, including group and individual therapy, family therapy, and, if needed, medication management.

Taking the first step toward recovery is challenging, but a healthy, fulfilling life is within reach with the right resources. If you are a Cigna insurance holder, you will likely have access to comprehensive coverage. We’re dedicated to providing personalized and evidence-based care at Omnia Recovery to help you achieve lasting recovery. So, reach out now to start your path to a better life.

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