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Alcohol Rehab in
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If you or someone you love seems to be drinking more than normal and unable to stop, it might be time to consider Thousand Oaks alcohol rehab. Alcohol addiction can be difficult to spot, given the legality of alcohol consumption, but no matter when you notice the signs, Omnia Recovery is here to help.

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Why is Alcohol Abuse Prevalent in the U.S.?

Alcoholism remains a significant problem worldwide, especially in the United States. Over the last several years, rates of alcohol abuse and the need for the best alcohol rehab near Thousand Oaks have increased dramatically. But what has led to this increase?


  • Over one hundred and forty thousand people die from alcoholism every year in the U.S.
  • Ten percent of the U.S. population over the age of 12 has an alcohol addiction
  • COVID increased alcohol consumption for sixty percent of Americans 
  • Over sixty percent of people with alcoholism are men

Several things have contributed to the need for increased alcohol rehab in Thousand Oaks. The most significant contributing factor is the legality of alcohol consumption. Over the age of 21, alcohol is perfectly legal and readily available around the United States. You can walk into bars, restaurants, nightclubs, county fairs, farmers markets, and other public venues and find an array of alcohol.

Social Pressure

Another factor that has increased the need for Thousand Oaks alcohol rehab services is social pressure. Drinking is a way of celebrating across several cultures, religious groups, and other backgrounds. It's also a way of mourning. No matter the type of event, it is likely that alcohol will be present, making it much easier to access.


Alcohol rehab in Thousand Oaks provides several levels of care regardless of gender, but alcoholism statistically impacts men more than women. This is often because it is a social drink used during business events but also because of the pressure many men face with work.


An uptick in clients at any alcohol rehab center in Thousand Oaks can also be attributed to genetics and environment. Individuals who live in a family with several members who are alcoholics are more likely to become alcoholics themselves, given how normal the consumption is at home and the genetic predisposition they might have.

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Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

There are several signs and symptoms that it’s time to start alcohol rehab in Thousand Oaks; some are physical, while others are psychological or behavioral.

  • One of the first signs is being unable to stop once you start drinking, even if you intend to
  • Another sign is prioritizing drinking over other responsibilities like personal or professional obligations
  • For some people, signs and symptoms of alcoholism include financial or legal trouble resulting from alcohol consumption.
  • Individuals might notice that they are suffering at work, failing to perform school or work tasks, forgetting to pick up their kids, or otherwise missing out on events and activities they intended
  • One sign and symptom of alcoholism is experiencing severe withdrawal if you stop drinking

Note: Withdrawal symptoms are very similar to a hangover with mild or moderate alcoholism, so many people brush them off casually, disregarding them as a hangover rather than what they really are: signs that it’s time to find the best alcohol rehab near Thousand Oaks.

If you notice the signs and symptoms of alcoholism, reach out to our team at any time to learn how we are redefining what Thousand Oaks alcohol rehab looks like.

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Getting Alcohol Rehab in Thousand Oaks

At our alcohol rehab center in Thousand Oaks, you can participate in things like A.A. and N.A. meetings, beach group therapy that takes place outdoors on the beach instead of a sterile white room, outdoor adventure therapy, and more. 


As part of your individualized program, no matter the level of care you receive, you can participate in evidence-based programs that involve things like CBT and DBT therapy. These are some of the most common forms of talk therapy used to treat addiction, mental health, or both. They come in several forms: individual and group sessions, each of which provides slightly different opportunities.

Both forms offer a chance to uncover automatic, negative thoughts that contribute to a skewed view of reality and change them into positive, more realistic thoughts and actions. 

CBT and DBT can:

  • Help improve mood
  • Provide motivation for change
  • Encourage better thought patterns and actions
Sound Bath Therapy

Some clients benefit from holistic care, like sound bath therapy, more than traditional therapy. 

Sound baths are a more spiritual practice, a form of music therapy that involves resonant sounds rather than things like singing or drums. This form of holistic care is more akin to a meditative practice where individuals in a given space are able to completely let go of stress or anxiety when they reside in a fully immersive sound.

Several studies have explored the use of sound bath therapy, one of which found that participation can:

  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce negative moods
  • Increase positive moods
  • Reduce anxiety or depression
  • Lower anxiety and heart rate
Body Movement Therapy

Clients can also benefit from other mental health practices like body movement therapy. Body movement therapy refers to a range of mindful movement practices that focus on bringing together the body, mind, and spirit in the present moment. Research demonstrates that this type of therapy can innately promote better well-being. There are several forms that clients might enjoy, including Tai chi, qigong, pilates, yoga, and even basic stretching.

Studies have found that body movement can:

  • Decrease avoidance
  • Encourage clients to be proactive in their recovery
  • Be catered to individual health, fitness, and needs
  • Improve spiritual, social, and psychological health
  • Reduce pain
  • Decrease stress
  • Improve strength, mood, cognition, balance, coordination, cardiovascular health

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