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If you’re looking for a drug rehab in West Hollywood with flexible, innovative programs, Omnia Recovery can help.

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Addiction is a chronic disease, usually worsening over time without treatment. Unfortunately, because of its effects on the brain and central nervous system, most people can’t effectively overcome this disorder without professional treatment. Omnia Recovery is a nearby option if you’re seeking a professional drug rehab in West Hollywood.

At Omnia Recovery, our treatment takes place in a newly renovated, modern facility. We offer a safe space not only to facilitate recovery but also to allow you to have fun and learn who you are once again, free from drugs. We offer innovative approaches to treating addiction that are personalized to each individual and combine traditional, evidence-based, and holistic therapies. Omnia Recovery encourages each person to find joy in the recovery process as well, with experiential therapies and activities.

Omnia Recovery is an outpatient rehab in Ventura County. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find treatment near West Hollywood.

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The Importance of Professional Treatment in Addiction

Why would you need to find a professional, structured West Hollywood drug rehab or one nearby? 

The need for a professional program stems from the complexity of addiction. Addiction is a disease with compulsive drug seeking and use. When you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, you continue using them despite the known harm they’re creating in likely every part of your life.

Not being able to stop using substances when you’re addicted isn’t a failure. It’s because of a chronic brain disorder that involves changes to its function and structure. Addiction affects many brain circuits, including the ones involved in inhibition, reward, motivation and memory.

While Omnia Recovery isn’t a drug rehab in West Hollywood, we are very close by in Thousand Oaks. We understand the many complex factors that contribute to addiction. We work to help you heal at the deepest levels, so you aren’t just getting sober, but you’re building the life you want.

If you’d like to learn more about our professional Thousand Oaks behavioral health treatment programs, contact Omnia Recovery any time.

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Evidence-Based Treatment at Omnia Recovery

As you compare options for addiction treatment in West Hollywood, one of the most critical things to look for is an evidence-based approach. Evidence-based treatment refers to interventions and therapeutic approaches that have been rigorously tested and proven through studies and clinical trials. At Omnia Recovery, at the core of all of our tailored treatment plans is empirical evidence showing these treatments can produce positive outcomes.

Key components of our evidence-based treatments include:

  • Treatments adhere to guidelines and best practices that are established to be delivered in a standardized way by trained professionals.
  • Evidence-based addiction treatments evaluate outcome measures to assess how effective interventions are.
  • While our evidence-based treatment approach is based on research, it is also adaptable to individual needs and preferences.

Examples of evidence-based addiction treatments we might use at Omnia Recovery include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT focuses on the identification and changing of maladaptive thoughts and behaviors associated with addiction. The goal is to help you learn coping skills and strategies you’ll take back to your daily life to resist cravings and avoid relapse.
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI): MI is client-centric, and in this approach, our clinicians can help you explore ambivalence towards change, increase motivation for treatment, and make positive behavioral changes around substance use.
  • Contingency Management (CM): CM is a behavioral intervention providing incentives when you achieve specific treatment goals. For example, you could be rewarded for attending your scheduled counseling sessions.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT): MAT combines medicines with behavioral therapy for the treatment of substance use disorders. This is primarily used for opioid use disorder but can be used for alcohol use disorder as well.

At Omnia Recovery, located in Thousand Oaks, all of our evidence-based treatment approaches emphasize the importance of scientifically supported interventions. These have been shown to be effective in helping people achieve recovery and improving their quality of life.

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The Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

If you’re looking for drug rehab in West Hollywood or nearby, your primary options are between an inpatient and outpatient rehab. Omnia Recovery’s programs are outpatient. Our programs could be well-suited to someone who has previously participated in a higher level of care, such as residential rehab, and wants to continue building on their progress.

Our programs may also be a good fit if you can’t leave your home or other responsibilities for residential treatment or if you have a milder, less severe substance use disorder.

Benefits of outpatient addiction treatment with us at Omnia Recovery include:

  • Flexibility: You can continue with your daily obligations while you receive treatment. This can be especially beneficial if you aren’t able to take time off from work, school, or family commitments for an extended period.
  • Cost-effective: Outpatient treatment at a center like Omnia Recovery tends to be less expensive than inpatient rehab because there aren’t costs associated with room and board.
  • Minimal disruption: In an outpatient program, you experience minimal disruption in your daily life, which can help you maintain support networks and stability, which is beneficial for your long-term recovery.
  • More independence: When you’re in outpatient treatment, you’re encouraged to apply coping strategies and skills learned in therapy directly to your everyday life. This promotes more independence and self-reliance, helping you to manage cravings and triggers outside a structured environment.
  • Continued connection to the community: At Omnia Recovery, even when you participate in our highest level of care, our partial hospitalization program, you can stay connected with your support networks and community resources. Having these connections can provide sources of accountability and encouragement during the recovery process.

Omnia Recovery is a leading provider of outpatient addiction treatment and mental health services in Thousand Oaks, California. Contact us for details on our programs.

Unique Location

Our modern, newly renovated treatment facility is more than just a rehab. We offer a safe space where you can recover + have fun!

Modern Approaches + Therapies

Here at Omnia Recovery, we offer an innovative approach to treatment by combining traditional, evidence-based and holistic therapies.

Experiential Therapies & More

From art + music therapy to group outings and volunteering, Omnia Recovery wants you to learn that there is fun to be had in recovery.

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Levels of Care Available at Omnia Recovery

We offer three primary levels of care at Omnia Recovery, although your treatment plan is entirely personalized to your needs.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

During our partial hospitalization program (PHP), which is our most intensive and immersive level of outpatient treatment, you participate in day programming. The environment is structured similarly to inpatient treatment, focusing on intensive therapy, psychiatric care and medical monitoring. Our partial hospitalization program in Los Angeles can include group and individual therapy, medication management, and specialized interventions.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Our intensive outpatient programs provide a moderate level of outpatient treatment, and the intensity of your program may decrease over time as you progress in your recovery. During our IOP program in Thousand Oaks, you might have therapy sessions that focus on relapse prevention, ongoing support and developing coping skills.

Outpatient Programs

Our least intensive care level is a traditional outpatient program, which typically involves a couple of therapy sessions a week. Scheduling is highly flexible, and therapeutic interventions include individual counseling, support groups and group therapy, and psychoeducation.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Los Angeles dual diagnosis treatment isn’t a level of care but instead is something we can provide at any level of care at Omnia Recovery. Dual diagnosis is a specialized treatment approach addressing substance use disorders and mental health disorders at the same time. The benefits include an integrated treatment approach and a unified treatment plan. By addressing both addiction and any mental health concerns at the same time and comprehensively, treatment can improve your overall quality of life. This includes your functionality in personal, social and occupational settings. Research shows dual diagnosis treatment improves self-esteem and provides a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose.

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Our addiction treatment program at Omnia offers you a client-focused approach to recovery. We've created a safe & welcoming space that feels like home. If you are ready to find your own path to recovery, get in touch with our caring team right now.

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Drug Rehab Near West Hollywood at Omnia Recovery

Omnia Recovery is a short drive from West Hollywood, usually clocking in at under an hour. We are located in Thousand Oaks and provide high-quality holistic, dual diagnosis, and evidence-based treatment. Our team can help you learn more, verify your insurance coverage, or get you started on a program. Reach out today. 

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