treatment designed for the individual

Frequently Asked Questions

How the expert behavioral healthcare experience at Omnia Recovery in Thousand Oaks, California can help you overcome addiction.

Admissions FAQ

Begins with a simple phone call to assess need and program placement, then tour and payment/insurance will be discussed.

Yes most providers are accepted

Yes DHCS and soon Joint commission 

Sliding scale for cash pay

While we offer a wide array of evidence based therapies and Medically Assisted treatment where we really shine is our deep rooted community.

We will make an attempt at an Intervention, if that does not work we will always stay in touch and offer as much help as possible to get loved one into treatment. 

We will write a letter if needed for court or probation. 

Clinical FAQ

All evidence based therapies as well as MAT, holistic and community based.

1-2 times a week with a therapist, 9-20 groups a week.

Inpatient lives on site outpatient client lives off site.

Alumni groups and onsite 12 step groups.

Yes, dedicated alumni groups, newsletter and community outings.

Yes we are a HIPAA compliant facility.

We will base it off of your goals and areas we determine you need improvement in.

They have the ability to participate in family groups and therapy sessions.

Facility FAQ

A community lounge, music room/meditation room, fully stocked kitchen and coffee bar, modern clubhouse aesthetic.

 Yes, beach, hiking, lunches, bowling, rock climbing…

We have a dedicated alumni meeting.