July 5, 2024

How Do You Learn to Forgive Yourself?

Forgiveness is a profound and liberating experience, one that often feels much easier to extend to others than to ourselves. Self-forgiveness, however, is crucial for personal […]
January 18, 2024

What Are the Effects of Living With an Alcoholic Spouse?

Living with an alcoholic spouse can be an emotional rollercoaster, affecting every aspect of your life. It’s a situation that demands resilience, understanding, and, often, professional […]
December 22, 2023

The Power of Positive Thinking: Shifting Mindsets for Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Addiction can significantly threaten independence, quality of life, hope, self-esteem, and even how a client views themselves and their role in society. The power of positive […]
December 19, 2023

Recovery During the Holidays: Navigating Triggers and Staying Sober

If you are reading this blog, the holiday season is approaching. It is a great time of the year to celebrate family and friends. You look […]
December 15, 2023

Understanding the Psychological Triggers of Addiction

Addiction triggers are things that cause emotional distress. They trigger you into feeling poorly, perhaps feeling depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed with cravings. If you don’t learn […]
December 11, 2023

Recovery Coaching: Personalized Support on the Path to Sobriety

If you are struggling with addiction and looking for personalized support on your path to sobriety, addiction treatment coaching could be a viable treatment program, no […]
November 29, 2023

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention in Addiction Recovery

Today, holistic practices like mindfulness and meditation are quickly becoming popular forms of addiction treatment.  Contact the admissions team at our behavioral health clinic in Ventura […]
November 13, 2023

Using SMART Goals in Maintaining Sobriety

Too often in recovery, people make grandiose goals that are not realistic or achievable. They say things like they never want to use drugs again or […]
October 31, 2023

The Impact of Childhood Trauma on Addiction and Mental Health

Childhood experiences form the cornerstone of our emotional well-being, shaping our future relationships, behaviors, and mental health. Unfortunately, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can leave deep scars, […]